Friday, 7 February 2014

Why it's a great idea to take the kids snowshoeing

Snowshoeing with young children


Snowshoeing is a fantastic activity for the whole family, including very young children. As soon as kids can walk confidently, they can take part. We have taken families with children as young as three on guided walks, with great success.

Snowshoeing is fun! 


The best reason to take the kids snowshoeing is because it's fun! Expect lots of enthusiasm, smiles and laughter. Don't forget the camera!

Snowshoeing as a safe activity for kids 


Where other winter sports and activities are often too dangerous to include younger children, snowshoeing with an experienced guide is a very safe activity for kids of all ages and abilities. As your mountain guides we aid parents to teach children about mountain safety while snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing for family fitness


With even the youngest members of the family being able to take part in an active winter sport, everybody can improve their fitness, build their confidence and have fun together. Snowshoeing burns calories, improves stamina and builds muscle tone. Walks are tailored to suit all capabilities and fitness levels, from leisurely strolls on level trail, to steeper inclines for a more demanding family workout.

Everyone's included! 


From toddlers to teens, from early twenties to elders, snowshoeing is a truly inclusive activity giving the family or group an excellent way to enjoy the snow together. Pack a picnic and a Thermos flask full of hot chocolate, and experience a magical day out in the mountains, exploring the forests and spotting local wildlife. All in all, as an inexpensive family outdoor pursuit, snowshoeing really is a fantastic way for families to make memories together.

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Indie Lyndale is an experienced International Mountain Leader, former president of BAIML (The British Association of International Mountain Leaders), First Aid trainer and owner of Indie Outdoors, an outdoor pursuits company.