Thursday, 16 January 2014

What will I need? Snowshoeing Equipment - Essential Kit List

Getting prepared for your snowshoeing expedition

I have been leading snowshoeing walks in the Pyrenees and the Alps for 15 years now and what I choose to wear and carry is of paramount importance.

Snowshoeing is extremely demanding on your clothing as the external temperature could be well below freezing, but you soon warm up inside as walking is so aerobic. This means that you really need something that keeps you warm when you want it to, but that lets you breathe and cool yourself down once your body temperature increases. Our favourite snowshoeing clothing comes from the P├íramo range – It’s guaranteed, fantastic quality, high-performance clothing for outdoor activities from an ethical, environmentally friendly company.

Indie, International Mountain Leader

Here is a list of equipment you'll need for your guided snowshoe walk.

Kit List

You will need

Snowshoes and poles

Warm clothes including jacket hat and gloves (Layers are best)


Waterproof trousers and jacket

Walking boots

Sun glasses

Sun screen

Day sack

Water container

T shirts (it can be quite hot at times)

You should have

European Health Insurance (was E111)

Winter insurance including off-piste winter walking with a guide

Extra chocolate /goodies for your packed lunch

Last but not least, don't forget a camera to record your experience! It is a good idea to invest in a waterproof digital camera or waterproof case for your phone, so you won't worry if you drop it in the snow.

To find out more about Snowshoeing, to book a holiday, hire a guide or for any questions, please contact Indie Snow, Snowshoeing guide & International Mountain Leader

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